A videogame review by me! :D

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So I figured for my third post I would give a very brief review of one of my favourite games because i am an aspiring Videogame journalist.

So i think ill introduce you to my favourite game of all time: Dark souls.

I LOVE this game for one very simple reason: It makes you work hard for everything you earn in it. The game has a ridiculous dificulty level that allows even the weakest enemies to kill you with ease. This forces the player to learn the attack patterns of each and every enemy and equip themself accordingly.

The game’s fantastic visuals and graphics make the humongous in game world compelling to explore and the back story of the game is given  to you in small fragments so it is immensely satifying to travel the world and learn about it at the same time. The difficulty level will put most people off but it would be a massive shame to allow that to spoil the games brilliance for you. I cannot stress enough how brilliant value for money this game is, I currently am 40 percent complete and i have played it for over 50 hours so far in total.

Copies of Dark souls are elusive nowadays due to being prized by collectors and only 10,000 copies were made in total. I came across this Gem in the bargain bin of my local gamestore and immediately ran to the counter with excitement, just like a little kid who’d had far too much sugar. 😀

If you can track it down i urge you to do the same 😀

Rating: 9/10


Communicating with my group

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Our group Used Facebook as our primary method of communication. Jake set up a closed facebook group, which was private and only group members had access to it. we used this to communicate and co-ordinate our efforts. I met up with aislin in the library one day and we made the first entries into our wiki page. Jake and Evan then worked upon the base that we had provided. Id say overall everythimg went fairly smoothly  🙂

Due to timetable restrictions and other Commitments I was unable to make it out with my group to the peoples park. However I did pick up the slack when it came to writing the Wiki page, I assure you 😀

The Tweasure Hunt at UL

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So i’m studying English and New Media at UL and one of my Modules is Introduction to Digital Media. For this module we took part in a Tweasure hunt, the basic concept is that one is given a set of clues, the answers to which reveal locations to be tweeted from. I was grouped with three reasonably nice humans. There was Jake, a rather hyperactive and carefree young lad, Aislin, probably the shortest but friendliest girl i’ve ever met and finally Hannah, who remains something of an enigma.

We started off bright eyed and ready to kick some ass but this soon changed. there was a LOT of walking, the campus is quite large and there are MANY flights of stairs. We got as far of four tweets before we threw in the towel, besides i HATE walking more than i need too. I’m the kinda guy who’d get a bus just to go 500 meters up the street 😛

It wasn’t all bad of course, i got familliar with twitter and hung out and had the craic with some cool people 🙂 In the photo is Myself (the rather portly chap in the middle with the depressed look), jake who is taking a breather on the floor and Hannah who was trying to stay awake (Aislin isn’t in the photo because she took it… sorry Aislin!!!!)Image


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New to this blogging thing, hope its gonna work out 🙂